Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

APG Plus can repair and maintain your property

Providing a one stop shop for all building maintenance needs.

See our maintenance service below.

Maintenance Services

  • Gutter cleaning and repairs
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • High pressure roof and driveway cleaning clean

Gutter Cleaning Services

Leaks and blocked gutters can cause serious damage to your home and create mould in the fascia and ceiling.  In summer, gutters full of leaves and branches pose a fire threat, and if you live on a rural property, having them cleaned needs to be part of your fire protection plan.

Contact APG Plus to have your gutters professionally cleaned. Our industrial vacuum cleaner removes leaves and debris easily and we can also flush your gutters and downpipes to ensure they are clear (water to be provided on site).

We also repair gutters and downpipes to ensure they are in working order and your premises looks the best.  If your gutters require further protection, gutter guard is another option to keep leaves and debris out.

Gutter Cleaning Rates*

3×1 or 3×2 single storey $187 (incl)

4 x 2 single storey $220 (incl)

Double storey (standard pitch) $330 (incl)

Additional Patio or Shed + $50 (incl)

(* conditions apply and additional charges may be required, for example, flushing gutters and downpipes)

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